A Small Weekend Celebration With Family🌷

23 Sep 2017, Saturday around 2 P.m we met casually after a long period of time; She is my cousin, my friend, my mentor, my leader, my boss, my sister, my everday girlie inspiration none other than Miss. Pushpa Pamnani Ma’am😍😘 We enjoyed whole day together👌We had prayers, fun, endless talks and cool selfies together🍧🍧 We got engrossed in sharing our happy memories so much that we almost stayed awake whole night together⏳Somewhere Between Saturday Evening to Sunday Morning, We talked our happy flashback memories 👭

The Sunday Morning, Started with my so called loving and caring Jhangiani sisters and brothers👭👭👬👫👭 They gave me a surprise plan of long drive with organic lunch and lots of happy memories to take with me forever and ever💫💗❤🖒 Somewhere Between Sunday Morning to Monday Morning, We shared our happy laughter together🤗❤

I will miss you all my loving brothers and sisters till the next time we meet for sure in our coming future years🤗⏳.

Be Happy and Have A Nice Day🌷



The Example🍨🌷

He: Can you call our neice as today is her birthday, and let us ask her whether she liked her birthday dress or not that we sent her as birthday gift😇

She: Sure, Here is the phone you talk first🎂

He: Happy Birthday Sangeeta Darling, Your uncle and aunt has sent you a birthday dress, did you like it?

Sangeeta: Yaaa Uncle, Its so beautiful, I got the dress yesterday itself, You and aunt are so perfect in timings😇😇.

He: Talk to your aunt first, then we both will talk to your mom, i.e my small cute sister.

She: Hello, Happy birthday princess, So how is your day going?

Sangeeta: Awesome aunt, How are you and all in Assam?

She: Here all are well dear, when you all will come to visit our place?

Sangeeta: Very soon aunt, talk to mom now.

Five Minutes After Phone call, A door bell rang in Mumbai.

Sangeeta: Omg!!! Mom, Uncle and Aunt have come from Assam😇😍

Meenakshi: How are you both? How come sudden surprise today.

He: Today is our neice 18th birthday so we bought home-made cake and cookies for her and some gifts from her aunt🎂🍘

Meenakshi: Omg, Look Sangeeta your 18 Birthday Surprise presents from your aunt and uncle😇🍫⏳💫

Sangeeta: Mama, But why you all have to do this, your and aunt’s blessings are more than enough.

He: My sweetheart, We want to set an example that your Aunt and Uncle Will always love you like a small baby no matter how old you become. We will always be there to surprise you with sudden happiness and peace🤗❤

The life may or may not be so easy always, but we are here with you in all your phases to help you live your life everyday😍😇

-Be Happy and Have A Nice Day.


Teacher’s Day Celebration😇

He: Can you lend me the phone?

She: Sure, I told mom that we will come by 5 pm tommorrow.

He: (After Taking Phone) Hello Mom, Don’t worry we will come by evening safely and will take dinner with you.

She: Arey, Don’t hang on phone and I still have so much to talk.

He: Okay, Mom I am giving phone to Meenakshi, After five minutes u can say good bye to her😜

She: Mom, We forget to ask which cookies we bring for you choco-almond or Plain Almond?

Mom: You both come properly till dinner time, That will suffice☺

Meenakshi: Okay, Actually I have already purchased both cookies box, will bring both for you tomorrow.

Atul:Mom, She purchased the same through my debit card😜

Meenakshi: But, I drove car alone and purchased it.

Mom: Chalu Good Bye to both of you, I will prepare Veg Pizza with Veg Biryani for tommorow’s Dinner🍕🍛

Atul: Okay Mom, We will come before dinner time to help you in chopping all vegetables.

Meenakshi: And Happy Teacher’s Day in Advance Mom❤😇

The Next Day Morning At 8 a.m in Mumbai,

Mom: Omg, You both were supposed to come by evening.

Atul: Yeah, But we both want to give you surprise visit gift in today’s morning🌷🌷

Meenakshi: Yeah, One gift from your son Atul’s salary and one gift from your daughter’s salary❤❤

Mom: You both my kids are unpredicatable😇😇.

(The Mom and siblings celebrated Teacher’s day together for whole day).

Be Happy And Have A Nice Day🌷

Thanks for your precious time☺


Tuesday Evening With Mumbai📰

Last Tuesday evening after attending our duty calls, we mumbaikars had a tough time in reaching our respective homes safely⏳ The heavy rains with flooded roads taught us to be little more cautious in city☕.

The night seemed long with the people busy in rescuing themselves in safe zones📞📡Sooner, the world🌎 got engaged with mumbai rescue operation views📰📰.After the tough battle with rains, Mumbai soon resumed back to its work today🏨🏨🏦🏧🏥.

Just a small thank you message for my near and dear ones, who care for me on daily basis😇

Be safe where you are.

Have A Nice Day🤗


When we Met❤

26 August 2017, around 1 pm of Saturday noon, We finally met at my residence during ganesh utsav celebration👭 We worked hard since last five years to atleast meet and enjoy our small achievements together🍫🍻🎂 We enjoyed Pizza together🍕🍕 We took cool selfies📷 We talked and talked about our past, present and future☕☕It was good time with all our happy flashback memories📚🔎Somewhere between teenage life to office life, we are still together to care for each other💁💁

We learned together so many things🏅🏅We miss our school and college days together⌛⏳We have seen our failures together🏕🏕We celebrated our achievements together🍻

We do tease each other a lot😉We also pull each other’s legs in tough times😂😂Its very easy to have friends with you😇😇But, I am lucky enough to have a same school, college and profession friend called as “Neha Inani”.

Love you my dear bestie❤.

Be happy and have a nice day☕☕.


Happy Independence Day😇

Friend 1: Hello, I won 5 crores of prize in talent show yesterday.

Friend 2: Its all fake news, you Enjoy your singapore festival nicely.

Friend 1: Trust me, I really won first prize in talent show.

Friend 2: Achaaa, Which talent made you win first prize?

Friend 1: It was calculus, vedic mathematics and biology quiz test.

Friend 2: Are you kidding me? I still remember you failed in 10th standard board exams in both maths and science, don’t waste your time in believing any fake messages you get in your inbox mail account.

Friend 1: Yes, Your right, I did fail in board exams ten years ago, because I got caught with high temperature and was unfit to give exam. But, my dear friend, I never ever allowed three hours exam evaluation to interfere with my interests and dreams.

Friend 2: Means???? I didnt understand you as you left studies after board exam.

Friend 1: I left our education system and travelled to europe and worked here for survival and completed Phd in Mathematics.

Friend 2: Wow your unbelievable, I want party from you when you return.

Friend 1: I am coming back to India this Independence day and will continue to teach mathematics in India.

Friend 2: Welcome Dude, Happy Independence Day to you after 10 years🤗


Be Happy and Have A Nice Day🎸



Have you ever forgotten where you are on your first morning with holiday trip?

Have you ever cried looking at your childhood pictures?

Have you ever laughed looking at your candid pictures?

Have your ever realised the sudden happiness by finding ten rupee note from your very old purse?

Have you ever got shocked with surprise gift from your best friend without any reason?

Have you ever lost in an unknown place with your friend, While being busy in talking to each other?

Have you ever met a stranger who wore the same outfit like you?

Have you ever walked the extra kilometers to be sure with the google maps?

Have you ever missed your childhood memories when you happen to see a crushed paper boat near roadside?

Have you ever helped a starving street dog by serving leftovers of cooked food?


Be Happy and Have A Nice Day.