Yesterday Never Comes Back😊

We all leave our yesterday behind and move on with our life in our respective time-zone, We leave behind ONE Message For All for SURE:

“Whatever Happened was good for all and whatever will happen will happen good.”

My Story may not inspire or motivate you, My achievements may not be that great, My words may not be so powerful, But One Thing For Sure:

“We all try to make our today better than our Yesterdays.”

Thanks to those yesterdays, where I have seen my failures, Which unintentionally made me a little more wiser than before.

Thanks to those yesterdays hard-work, Which made me firm believer on my self.

Thanks to those yesterdays achievements, Which helped me to move ahead with zeal of enthusiasm, confidence and appreciate myself.

Thanks to those unexplained yesterdays, Which made me realize the Inner Happiness.

Thanks to those unsatisfying yesterdays, which somehow helped me to do something more!!

Thanks to those busy yesterdays, which have unleashed new doors of opportunties as of now!!

Thanks to those yesterdays sorrow, which turned me practical in life.

Thanks to those unsaid yesterdays, which gave me chance to make it happen somewhere ahead in my life.

TODAY, We all have Chance to make our living better than our Yesterdays.



Protection Beyond Limits…

Brother: Sister, Your always welcome to my new place. Here is my new house keys and my new contact details as I will be shifting to New Jersey tomorrow forever.

Sister: Wow, Love you Brother❤Here is my account details and you may take as much amount as you want. Will come to see you all in summers.

Brother: Awww, Love you sister😇

(Rakhi is happily celebrated still as both siblings are in their mid-eighties).

Have A Nice Day📸

The mannerisms which we follow may not always click you back what impact it may carry to someone out there we meet📅 U never know what a simple good morning will mean to a person who 💺clean your office premises everyday yet no one 🏪 Ever has time to appreciate the work which they do🛋 A simple thank you along with the cab fare🎨 will mean too much to ur cab driver🚦 For it may make their day little more valuable🌄

Some soft greetings to our grocery vendors🍇🍈 May increase their motivation☺ A simple good evening to your family doctor🤒🤕 may inspire him to work more efficiently👷A small good bye words to your office’s security officers may bring appreciation to their job👮 The small chain of words like ” Thank you for your kind patience” To your client whom we kept waiting for a moment⏱⏳May release their negative vibes🌌 The small words “Have a Nice Day” to our juniors may bring happiness to their work performance🎯📊

We never know what huge impact do these small words will carry to the world full of strangers with whom we communicate by some means or other✒📰 A simple welcome message  by restaurant managers may relieve the stress of a person whose day was very rough at work😢😲 A Free coupon gift by our regular shopping shop may bring us sudden happiness😍 

Some string of words which we use unknowingly out of our formal mannerisms 💁May bring some big wonders to some one’s day and can also make someone feel precious for a moment👼👼👼👼👼.

Be happy and Have A Nice Day🎤







After spending entire sunday evening for important project that Rohan got to submit in college the next following day, just his “dog alex” 🐶came running and whole project got completely shattered.

But, Never mind, Rohan choose to celebrate with his dog about an hour 🍡🍕, as it was alex’s first birthday🎂 at Rohan’s home, they took selfies, enjoyed the birthday evening together, then Alex and Rohan celebrated coffee night 🕯together and worked happily together to submit Monday Morning Project.

Rohan made the choice of happiness 🙌over sadness , Inspite of having the reason to be sad in his situation. This shows true love ❤he has for his dog like his family🏠. He never knew that “sunday evening “could mean so much for him apart from his “dog Alex” Birthday. 

Same applies to us all, we do have ample of reasons to be sad 😣in our lives, But yet we also have best reason to celebrate that we still breathe 😇and are alive🌄.

Its we who are going to decide what we choose🤗 whether the part of sad story by believing on all sad reasons we have😫or the part of happy story☺; By simply making the choice of how to react👼.

After reading this content, Make atleast one choice to your self that I choose to be ___________.

Thank you for your precious time😊

Be happy and Have a Nice Day🌷