An old lady used to provide a bunch of apples🍎🍎 to few of street dogs daily🐕🐕This practice continued for many years♻One fine morning, A small girl happens to ask the lady, Why is it she lends apples everyday to street dogs for free💁The lady smiled👵And said in soft voice, “Darling, When I needed care, These dogs , I.e my kids, stayed in my house and helped me to recover” 🤕😫Now, As I am healthy again, I make sure that my kids 👵🐕🐕eats well everyday 🤗


Thanks for your precious time🌱

Be Happy and have a Nice day☺

Hi Friend!

He: U became the Designer, Congrats😊

She: Thanks, I am moving to Paris tommorow, bye.. will miss u Friend!

He: bye, Will miss u too friend😊

After 20 years,

She(Entering a flower shop): Hello Sir, how much for these Orchid Flowers?

He: Hi friend, Take as many as u like, Its thanksgiving day💐

She: Takes a Flower, And pays the exact amount as mentioned at the rate card kept at the counter table, ” Hi Friend, No thanks required in our friendship☺”


Thanks for your precious time🌱

Be Happy and have a Nice day😇

Last Day At Internship😊

That Last Tuesday Evening on 17 Jan, 2017 ;When taking exit from desk, within a couple of seconds💫Ur entire journey of Intership becomes the flashback♻When u just reach to last office gate and say, “Last Day”📸U just happen to look back and feel the whole one year of your internship🎨🛳Just within a moment 🔚 it becomes Ur final Good bye😊


Thanks for your precious Time😊

Be happy and have a nice time🌱

Day One: It’s My day 😇

Today, I choose it as my Day! To get started with the priorities I value in my life🌱🤓 We often miss our precious moments ⏳in the search of something which in real sense don’t even matter 📅 But, With the universe I work🎯🌌We may not be that experts, But all I know 🔛🎙is we do own same time in this planet🌐

Today, Let’s decide to start our day with what we as Individuals value the most🌄☐

Thanks for your precious time♼🌱

Be happy and have a nice day😊💫


Incredible Certitude!!!!!

It’s not about what we want to be, but rather how we want to be🤗 Every moment, Every single day we make lots of struggle to fetch real happiness and peace🦁🗽I do not know what my life will bring to me, But  every single nano second of moment of my life, I make sure to learn to take care 😇💫 what I am bringing to my LIFE🚩🔛♼🗺⏳

Thanks for your precious time🌱

Be happy and have a nice day💫☺


A little drop of Inspiration💦

A little bit of care for ownselves, making and adhering to our priorities, makes us happy but also can be a little inspiration for our special ones☄⏳Let’s imagine what we will want to give to our special near and dear ones😇💐 

Today, make a decision what you will do to set as inspiration for someone you value most🏳🌐

Thanks for your precious time🌱

Be happy and Have a nice day ahead🌷


IIt’s always with time☺

One fine morning , I woke up and decided I never want to feel the same again! it was like cool and quite morning breeze whispering through my ears 💦☄Sweet chirping of tiny birds🐦🐦🦃🐣🐤seemed all welcoming to the most amazing day🎼🏝The disturbing thoughts which kept me awake in night⛺suddenly seemed to disappear in a nano second of moment🕦🌘 All my worries and procastination about future and past were never real🎯🎣The day began with the peace🏳😇 It made me feel complete for a moment 🤗📅 As the Mother Nature knows the Best🏞🗺🌐🌄⏳

Thank you for your precious time☄💐

Be happy and have a nice day😊