Protection Beyond Limits…

Brother: Sister, Your always welcome to my new place. Here is my new house keys and my new contact details as I will be shifting to New Jersey tomorrow forever.

Sister: Wow, Love you Brother❤Here is my account details and you may take as much amount as you want. Will come to see you all in summers.

Brother: Awww, Love you sister😇

(Rakhi is happily celebrated still as both siblings are in their mid-eighties).

When we learn to Change💅

Boss: I want all of you to come to office in second half for one month, as some construction work will be going on in first half from tommorrow📚

Employee: Ok Sir, We have already prepared advanced draft work for next month, And have postponed all client meetings of this month in second half.

Boss: Nice work done team🌱

Employee: Sir, we have also decided to extend our working hours for timely completion of work, and here is the approval letter from Hr Management team of our company🔄😇

Boss: I am worried now, as you guys are working so hard before my instructions, Keep some work for me as well.

Employee: Yaa Sir, You are free to take vacation now, As many of your leaves are pending since last year.

-Be Happy and Have A Nice Day❤

Thanks for your precious time⌚


Good To See You🎯

Boss: I will be going to London for a month After 10 days, Let me know any amount of work required to be done from my side till then.

Employee: Yes Sure Sir, We have already prepared all the advance draft work which are supposed to be finalised in due course.

Boss: Good but wait, How you people came to know about my trip??

Employee: Sir, we came to know through our new joinee about your trip.

(Mohan enters the cubicle with one big orchid flower)

Mohan: Hello Good Evening Sir,  I am Mohan Pandit,  Former Incharge of Architect designers of Abc Company.

(And places the orchid flower in a vase left empty in a side table rack of cubicle.)

Boss: So long time, Good To see you my school friend🌏

Mohan: Thank you Sir, Here is the draft agenda checklist of work to be approved by you in London and your accomdation details of london stay, I could arrange all this through our mutual contacts in london.

Boss:Wow, your still the same old mohan pandit❤

-Be Happy and Have A Nice Day📸

Thanks for your precious time⌚


Girl In a City👱

Friend 1: Can we meet for lunch tommorrow?

Friend 2: Yaa sure, I will bring Mexican Salad with buttermilk.

Friend 1: Cool, will bring Italian pasta with watermelon smoothie.

Friend 2: Will meet you in same library where we studied for hours and enjoyed our student life.

Friend 1: Yeah we took all the hardwork as much we can, and now we are serving as Doctor and Fashion Designer, Cant believe we small town girls are working in a city like Mumbai.

Friend 2: May be A girl like us in small town will get an inspiration from us, that hardwork is always taken care of. May be our future generation will know to what to look for in a person, when they meet diverge people in their coming years.

Friend 1: Hmmm, And the city welcomes your talent as a Girl and soon we become part of the place we never imagined.

Be happy and have a nice day🤗

Thanks for your precious time🔄


Mommy Knows the Best😇

Mom: Dinner is ready sweetie, come lets have dinner.

Daughter: Yaa Mom, just deciding which dress to wear for tommorrow, you start will come in five minutes.

Mom: My dear angel, See here is the new dress I brought for you of your choice.

Daughter: Wow, Its so beautiful dress, but why new dress suddenly?

Mom: Tommorrow is the day you are going to complete 5 years of job, Sometimes live for your own happiness too❤

Daughter: Love You Mom😍

Mom: Love you always dear😍

-Thanks for your precious time.

Be happy and have a nice day🌱


Free Blessings are Rare😇

Teacher: I want all of you to reach to school campus before 7 a.m, So that we can leave for our school picnic at sharp 7.45 a.m.

Students: Yes Ma’am, we will reach before time, No need to worry.

Teacher: I am circulating forms to all,Just mention your contact details with your passport size photo.

Student: Ma’am, we 5 students are not coming for picnic, Are we too supposed to fill up this form??

Teacher: I want all of you to fill up this form, As I will have to check where you all are before 7.30 a.m., And We also have to report to our school principal information about time you all students reach home after picnic, So its compulsory to call on this school number as mentioned in form to inform the time you all enter your home after picnic. And those not coming for picnic, will get a confirmation call at 11 p.m from our school principal whether we have school or not the next day after picnic. As even if one student reaches home after 11 p.m, the entire school will be called off.

Student: But Ma’am, Why our school is organising free picnic for us?

Teacher: Yaa, good question, To ensure proper discipline with happiness at free of cost. As someday, we all are going to miss this free picnic at school in your coming future years of life.

Be Happy and Have a Nice Day🤗

Thanks for your precious time💅


True Promise Never Fades.

He: Hi, I want to buy these 5 books, Can you lend me the bill amount please.

She: Yup Sure Sir, Will you take some tea or coffee?

He: No, Thanks just gift pack them.

She: Allright, Here is your books and bill details.

He: Nice, Here is the book shop keys🔐 The shop belongs to you from today onwards📚.

She: Excuse me, I didnt recognise you sir?

He: I am the only son of this shop owner, who 5 years ago promised you, will come back to meet you after my Australia’s Office project📸

She: Rohan, Is this you? OMG, I never expected you will ever meet me again.

He: Today is the date, I left India Five years ago with a small promise that will come to see you for sure after  Five Years🎻🎹

(Bends down to knees, Will you accept me to be with you forever and ever💍)

She: Yes❤.

Thanks for your precious time⌚

Be Happy and Have A Nice Day🌱